AB1664615                   DOB: March 6, 2013

2017: LA@4yrs: 90(VEEE), excellent in rear legs and back
2018: LA@5yrs: 90(EEEV), excellent in back and rump-lost
her "E" in mammary due to it being very late in her lactation

S: Welbian-Farm's Hot Stuff 87(VEV)
excellent in back and rump
SS: Sparkling Acres BT Hot Shot 89(VEE)
SD: CH Tutlelu Taps 87(+VVE)
excellent in rump
D: Blue-Ridge Xclusive 86(VEE+)
DS: Blue-Ridge Titus 91(EEE)
DD: CH Blue-Ridge Shannon 91(EEEV)
excellent in shoulder assembly, rear legs,
back and rump

Deja Vue freshened with a strongly attached and well-blended
mammary system, being very high in the rear and with
excellent lateral attachment.  As a 2 yr old first freshener she
was milking close to 8 lbs daily at one month fresh out of
perfectly placed teats.  We love her front end assembly, showy
udder and long bone pattern.
In 2016, Deja peaked at 11 pounds of milk.
Deja is a pretty doe but unfortunately is a  homebody and
doesn't like the show ring.
2015 shows:  1x1st, 1x 2nd, 4 x 3rd, 1xResGCH
2016 shows: 1xGCH, 2xResCH
2017: 2xGCH, 1xResGCH
"Thou art worthy O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for thou hast created all things , and for thy pleasure they are and were created"
Revelation 4:11

AB1854737                    DOB: February 26, 2017

                      LA @1year: 86(VVVV)

Sire:  Heaven's Hollow Shi's Xtraxtra
         SS: Haycreeks X Solution
         SD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh -2012 National

Dam:  CH Blue-Ridge Deja Vue  LA 90(VEEE) @ 4 yrs
         DS: Welbian-Farm's Hot Stuff
         DD: Blue-Ridge Xclusive

Serenade grabbed her dry leg at the only show she attended in 2017.  
She was then 7th place milking yearling at the 2018 Nationals in
Columbus.  A Fall breeding to Tappahanna Bounty Hunter is planned
for 2019 kids.

AB1854736                        DOB: March 26, 2017

               LA @1 year: 85(VVVV)

Sire:  Heaven's Hollow Shi's Xtraxtra
    SS: Haycreeks X Solution
    SD: SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh -2012 National
Dam: Munchin'Hill Spellbound 87(VEVV) @ 2 yrs
     DS: Blue-Ridge Royal Dandy
     DD: CH Blue-Ridge Deja Vue  90(VEEE)

Sonnet was shown twice as a kid in 2017 and was 1x1st and ResCH and
1x3rd.  She has an extremely wide escutcheon and sports lots of width in
her rump.

Sonnet freshened with a nicely-attached mammary with nice fore udder
extension and well-placed plumb teats.  She will be bred to Bounty
        AB1967988                             AB1967984
                       born April 12, 2018

         S: Tappahanna Bounty Hunter
               SS:  Ober-Board Legend Slayer  
               SD: Vanjust TA Holly

         D: Munchin'Hill Sonnet
               DS: Heaven's Hollow Shi's Xtraxtra
               DD: Munchin'Hill Spellbound

We really like this set of twins, so will be repeating the
breeding of their dam Sonnet to Bounty Hunter.

Only shown once, Sienna (top photo) was GCH and Sadie
(lower photo) went ResGCH.  Both are lovely and fiesty, with
Sienna having a bit more length of body and Sadie having an
incredibly wide and level rump.  Sienna loves showing off
while her sister would rather stand her ground and lick your