"God created...the livestock...And God saw that it was good."
(Genesis 1:25)
         A1474010      dob: 2-28-09      

LA @ 1 year: 88(VVVE) excellent in rear legs, back
LA @ 2yrs: 88(+EEE) excellent in back and rump; stature: 42
LA @ 4yrs: 92(EEEE) excellent in back and rump; stature: 44
(will not be appraised any more due to her leg injury)

S: Cherry Glen Abraham Rushkin
           LA 91(VEE) @ 3 yrs
   SS: Willow Run Armand Abraham
   SD: SGCH Willow Run Ahren Rivka                          
             LA 92(EEEE)
D: CH Munchin'Hill Allegheny
   DS: CH Qu'appelle V Etienne LA 90
   DD: CH Munchin'Hill Annie LA 91
Photo from late August, 2011
When the show season is over.....Does are happy to stay home (and so is their

Antigone is the first solid black doe we have ever
raised.   She is very special  from her extreme type A
personality to her elegantly tall, long and lean
Antigone strongly favors her dam both in mammary
system and conformation.  She kidded out nicely as a
second freshener with lovely triplets.
As a third freshener, Antigone's udder was huge and
so very well attached.  Her glove-soft udder is so easy
to milk.  Her production peak was close to 18 pounds,
but she has settled down to a yield of approximately
16 pounds daily.

As both a four and five year old, Tig continues to fill
the milk bucket even with her drama queen attitude.

2014 shows: 7 x 1st, 2xGCH, 3xResGCH
2014 National Show: 4th place 2 yr old
2015 shows: 7x1st, 1x2nd, 7xGCH, 4xBOB, 2xBIS
2016 shows: 3xBOB and 2xBIS
2016 National Show: 4th place 4 yr old
2017 shows: 5xBOB, 4 xBIS
2010 regional shows: 2x1st
2010 National Show: 5th place milking yearling
2011 shows: 5x1st, 1x3rd,1xResGCH, 1xGCH,
1xBOB, 1x BIS
2012 regional shows: 2xResCH, 2xGCH and BIS
2013 shows: 1xBOB and 1xBIS
The does right after arrival in Louisville at the 2014 National Show
Belle goes Best Doe in Show, June, 2014
2 years of age
yearling photo
Avalanche after going GCH at the Great Frederick
Fair-udder completely milks down to nothing!
Avalanche in late lactation, pictured at home
with about 10 hours of milk
(she REALLY IS that long!)

dob: March 3, 2014     A1675779
 LA @ 1 yr: (85 V++V)
            2 yrs: 90(VEEE), excellent in head,
              rear legs, back and rump

S: Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
SS: Strawberry-Fields Stone Cold
DS: Willabelle-Acres WRJ Tempest
D:  Munchin'Hill Antigone 91(EEEE)
DS: Windrush Frams IRS
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)

Stylish like her dam, Adiva also shows very well with
her up-headedness and level topline.

Adiva's rear udder is very high and wide, teats are
plumb and udder texture is wonderfully soft.  
2015 shows: 7x1st; 2xResGCH
2016 shows: 3x1st; 1x2nd (behind Amity),   
2016 National Show: 5th place 2 yr old
     dob March 11, 2015       A1719816

LA @ 1 yr: 88(VV+E), excellent in rear legs, back
      and rump
LA@ 2 yrs: 90(EEVE), excellent in front legs, back & rump

S: Roeburn's KVLS Gabriel
SS: Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag
SD: Roeburn's KVLW Gabriella LA 90 (VEVE)
D: Munchin'Hill Anomaly
DS: Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)

The largest and longest doe kid born in 2015, Aphrodite
continues to grow out very well into her large frame.  She
has width and depth throughout with good dairy strength.
Aphrodite's dam, Anomaly
(click here for yearling photo)
has a fantasticly attached mammary system and was sold
as a show doe just so we could keep the numbers down in
our herd.

We exhibited Aphrodite only once as a kid where she went
1st in her age class and then ResGCH over 27 other Alpine

As a 2 yr old, Aphro is milking 14-15 pounds daily.
          A1585863        dob: 3-6-12

LA @ 1 year: 87(VVVV); excellent in back
LA@3yrs: 91(EEEE); excellent  in rear legs,
back and rump
LA@ 4yrs: 92(EEEE), excellent in back and rump
LA@  5yrs 93(EEEE), excellent in shoulder
assembly, front legs, rear legs, back and rump

S: Windrush Farms IRS
SS: Iron-Rod ET Sheriff
SD: CH Windrush Farms Wonder Vienna
D: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)
DS: Cherry Glen Abraham Rushkin
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Allegheny
2015 show: shown once: Res Junior Champion
2016 shows: shown four times: 4x1st
2017 shows:  1xGCH, 4xResGCH

      A1771146                 DOB: March 6, 2016

        Young Stock Appraisal @ 6mo: V(VEcV)
         LA@ 1 yr: 86(VVVV)

S: Pearl Valley Tempest Triumph
SS: Strawberry Fields Stone Cold
SD: GCH Willabelle-Acres WRJ Tempest
D: CH Munchin'Hill Antigone 91(EEEE)
DS: Windrush Farms IRS
DD: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)

Full sister to the 5th place 2 year old and daughter to the 4th
place 4 year old at the Harrisburg National Show, Angelina is
both lovely and sweet!

Shown only once as a milker, Angelina placed first in her class!   

              A1775919                 DOB: March 5, 2016

             Young Stock Appraisal @ 6mo: V(+VV)
              LA@ 1 yr: 87(VVVE)

    S: Munchin'Hill Armonde
        SS: Roeburn's KVLS Gabriel
        SD: CH Munchin'Hill Avalanche 92(EEEE)
    D: CH Munchin'Hill Carte Belle 92(EEEE)
         DS: Windrush Farms IRS
         DD: Munchin'Hill Carte Blanche   

Tall, long, lean and elegant all describe Bailey.   We see
so much of her granddam Avalanche in her.

Shown once as a kid: 1st and ResGCH -31 Alpine juniors.

Avalanche pictures and
pedigree will remain on this
page for a few months since
she is related to some of the
other does in our herd.